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The My Beautiful Home competition takes place annually My Beautiful Home Project aims to encourage the cultural practice of decorating traditional huts using the same craft that has been practiced for hundreds of years.  

This project takes place within the UNESCO cultural landscape Heritage Site of the Matobo Hills in south-west Zimbabwe 35kms outside the city of Bulawayo. 

The competition takes place in 7 Wards within the Matobo Hills, an area of stunning natural beauty with gigantic balancing granite rock formations formed over millennia.  The area is renowned for its spiritual connections.


The program of events starts with registrations in April and the final prize-giving in September.  While this seems like a long program it is important to realise that the people live rurally and some distance from each other as such communication and activities take longer.  However, the city based team start working in January with planning and take a deep long breath at the end of the finals at the end of September.

The competition is managed by the non-profit Ekhaya Gaia who manage all the activities and sponsorship.  

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