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We aim to prove that tradition and comfortable living can be achieved in this rural setting and the             My Beautiful Home Project and Competition create a platform to improve the lives of the local community.

We believe that the Matopos way of life could become an alternative to the modern industrial and urban life, without renouncing modern improvements and technology.  There could be a way to offer respite from the frenetic world within rural living.  Through small scale farming, independence, and self-sufficiency it is intended to develop this concept.  

We are seeking to stop the flow of young people to the urban areas because there is a lack of opportunity and instead to retain culture and tradition within the modern world.  As Pathisa Nyathi says; seeking to ‘Traditionalise the modern and modernise the traditional’,

Therefore, in an area where water is scarce there is the opportunity to dig wells or boreholes with the added use of water storage containers for rainfall.  For example Peggy Masuku’s husband, a grower of fruit trees, established his garden by walking 2,5 hours with his wheel barrow to collect water for his young trees as a newly skilled diviner, he has now dug a well, saving him many hours which he can now apply to his orchard.  His newly acquired skill can also benefit others in the community.

With no electricity supplied to the area we are encouraging the use of solar power which can also provide access to the internet.  The internet creates a means by which locally grown products and produce may find their way to market but also provides the opportunity to glean best practice knowledge.  These are all making it more desirable for the younger generation who are able to find interesting opportunities within the community.

The My Beautiful Home Competition therefore seeks to assist these types of innovations within the are by raising funds to acquire the types of items that prove useful such as solar power packs, water storage containers, cultivation initiatives and we are constantly seeking innovations to achieve our vision.

Additionally we are developing eco-tourism, which if done correctly, would also contribute to improve the quality of life of the owners of the visited homes, as well as developing mutual understanding and respect between different cultures. See our EVENTS page for details of our official My Beautiful Home Tours which ensure that locals receive the benefit of the tour.

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