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A Sustainable Non-Profit Rural Support Trust Reviving the Tradition of Ndebele Home Decoration in the Matobo Hills UNESCO Scenic and Cultural World Heritage Site

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My Beautiful Home Project aims to encourage the cultural practice of decorating traditional huts using the same craft that has been practiced for hundreds of years.  This project takes place within the UNESCO cultural landscape site of the Matobo in south-west Zimbabwe outside the city of Bulawayo.  

The project started with a competition in 2014 with 30 competitors and has grown annually with an expected 1000 participants in 2021.  The homes are designed and painted by the occupant of the home using only local mud and sands mixed with natural pigments such as coal and ash. 

The competition is annual and work is completed in the dry winter months (June to August) with prize-giving ceremonies rewarding the participants.  It is the aim of the competition to reward as many of the contributors as possible to encourage their continued involvement.  Finalists receive much coveted prizes such as water storage tanks, ploughs or wheelbarrows.

Find out more about the history and aims of the project here and see the finalists from each year here.

Our competition would not be possible without the support of the local community and team but also the generous donations and contributions of our sponsors.

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There are a number of ways you can help. Find out how on our How you can Help page.  We need YOU so we can continue to retain this cultural heritage.


Our products here are locally produced and raise funds for our project.

Please support our local crafters who proudly contribute.


Due to the incredible demand there are now tours to enable visitors, both local and international, to visit.  These will support the project and are the only official MBH tours.

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